Marketing & brand strategy

What is your business trying to achieve?

What do you offer?

Who are you targeting?

How do you want to be perceived?

If you fail to answer questions like these, your marketing will lack focus and deliver poor results. We’ll help you dissect your marketing approach, define your brand’s story, get clarity on your target audience, and whip up messages that aren’t just heard but remembered.

fail to prepare, prepare to fail - Nail your strategy and brand story before diving into tacticS

areas of strategy We specialise In

Marketing & Brand Audits

Review your existing brand and marketing activities for strengths and weaknesses.

Marketing & Brand Strategy

Define what you offer, your brand personality and how you deliver value to your customers.

Vision, Mission & Values

Explain what your business wants to achieve and what it stands for.

Customer Profiling

Identify your target audience, their pain points, and how your business solves their problems.

Messaging & Value Proposition

Document how you will communicate your value and brand promise to your customers.

Marketing Plans

Define specific actions to achieve your marketing goals.

Get it right The first time

McLaren&Co. is about growth that sticks around for the long haul. 

Investing in the strategy work before you start on exciting things like a new website or campaign might seem like a waste of time or money. In fact, it’s the opposite! 

You’ll have the clarity to get things right the first time around – not just putting something out there that might look pretty but doesn’t really work. Getting it right the first time means you won’t have to redo things all over again.

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“Lisa has a true skill in defining the right approaches to communicating complex, strategic messages in a highly engaging way. She has a real strategic focus but equally understands the tactical approaches needed to deliver strategies successfully.

Lisa is very easy to work with and has a brilliant sense of humour. She is highly focused, committed and extremely professional.”

Jo Twistleton

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