change communications

As a specialist in change management communications, I can help project teams bring about successful business transformation. 

Providing clear, consistent messaging ensures all stakeholders understand and engage in the process. Change communications can anticipate resistance, offer multi-way communication channels, and align messages with organisational culture. This not only reduces employee anxiety and enhances trust but also creates genuine buy-in.

Master Change AND Seamless Transitions Through Expert Communication

Comprehensive Change Communications

stakeholder analysis

Identifying and assessing the interests, influence, and impact of individuals or groups affected by change.

change impact analysis

Assessment of potential consequences and effects of a change on processes, systems, and people.

change messaging

Defining the messages used to convey the reasons, benefits, and details of a change to stakeholders.

communications plan

Outlines the strategies, tactics, channels and timing to convey information about a change to all affected stakeholders.

comms materials & branding

Tailored content and visual identity to consistently communicate and represent the change initiative.


Gathering reactions from stakeholders about the impact, effectiveness, and concerns of a change initiative.

focus on Every Step

There are shifting dynamics in people’s psychological states as a change programme progresses.

From ‘Inception’, where individuals become aware of the upcoming change; to ‘Development’, where people understand its implications; to ‘Go-Live’, marking the launch of the change and individuals’ acceptance and readiness to adapt; and then ‘Steady-State’, where the new norm embeds and people fully embrace the difference. Throughout this journey, continuous engagement is essential for a smooth transition.

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“I worked with Lisa over a two year period, as we helped stand up a complex international support services contract. Lisa drove a very structured communications plan to support both the client and our company’s needs. Her approach is flexible, knowledgeable and intelligent – everything you need to make a complex situation not only workable – but thrive! I highly recommend Lisa’s considerable skills!”

Pip Thompson

Client Relationship Director

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